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Dear Friends of Shared Blessings,

AGPV -An Update-June 2017


There is lots of news from Odisha and all of it is good!  Shaila, our Odisha progam manager, will tell you all about it in her letter below.




We have wonderful news to report.  The tech company in India that helped with the construction of the first floor of our residential school in Dasmantpur, has come through again.  They have promised to grant sufficient funds to complete the second floor. Longtime supporters may recall that when we initially had the plans drawn out, it was for a building with two floors that could house about hundred children.  For lack of funds, the plan for second floor was tabled, but we kept our hopes and prayers to see this dream become a reality. Now, it looks like our prayers have been answered.  Plans are being revisited. Recently, we had an engineer visit the school to make sure that the first floor was built properly to bear the weight of the second floor.  As soon the first quarter funds are released, construction will begin.  We were hoping to have the walls and roof up before the rainy season starts (by June) but now we think that it might be delayed. In any case, it will take about a year to get it all completed.

In addition to funding the construction of the second floor, the same company has also approved funding to finish up couple of projects that were taken up but not totally completed. While we funded the kitchen construction, it still needed a storage room as well as water tank.  Also, construction for separate bathrooms and toilets for boys and girls was taken up but was not finished – again for lack of funds. I am thrilled to report that now both of these projects will be finished in the near future.  We are still raising funds to get the solar panels.  We will wait until the roof for second floor is finished where the panels can be installed.  This will give us more time to raise the funds.

As part of our fundraising efforts, several supporters in Sacramento area are spearheading a yard sale to be held on April 29th.  If it rains that day, the event will be put off for a week, and held on May 6th.  The sale will be held on the grounds of on St. John Vianney Parish in Rancho Cordova.  We have Sharon Hanson, Cathy Ewing, Anna Weimann and Kathy Masters who are coordinating the collection and sales. If you live in the area, or want to support our efforts, please stop by on the 29th between 9:30 am and 3 pm.  The address is: 10497 Coloma Road Rancho Cordova, CA 95670.  We have lots of wonderful things that are waiting for you.

Our first auction fundraiser was such a big success, we want to do another one.  Look for more details for an auction/dinner night in December.  Just in time for your Christmas shopping. We already have some beautiful items from India that will be on the auction block.  Kobasics family have generously agreed to provide the space to hold the event.

Our children are done with their finals.  Two girls (Bhagyabati and Sarita) took the high school board exam.  We hope that they pass the exams and join the three girls who are already attending preuniversity classes in Bhuvaneshwar. All of the children are now enjoying the summer break. Yes, it is already summer there.  While they go home for summer, they typically do return to the school after sometime.

We are planning a trip to India in December.  Looks like we will have several people joining us. If anyone is interested in joining the group, please contact me soon.  It will be wonderful to be able to visit the child you sponsor, and see for yourself the changes you have made possible for his/her.  Even though the second floor construction will not be complete by then, we can see the progress and get a feel for how the school will be when completed.  You can also do a little sightseeing; we will help arrange an itinerary that gets the most out of the time you will have.

And that is our news for now!

Yard Sale in Sacramento for Odisha, India

A yard sale to raise money for solar panels for our school in Odisha India went well.  Here is what Shaila Rao, program manager, wrote about it:
Our yard sale on Saturday, April 21 was a success. Lots of items were donated for sale. We had a stream of people throughout the day.  We raised over $600 for our solar panels.  Much of the work was done by Sharon Hanson, Anna Weimann, Cathy Ewing, Noel Neuburger, Kathy Masters, Bob Ream, and Sharon’s three wonderful children, Nick, Cassie and Jacob. 


SHAILA RAO brings us News from ODISHA, India


Christmas was celebrated by all our school children on the 25th of December. Local pastor, Ajit Bagh, graced the occasion and spoke on the importance of Christmas to the children. Sweets, cakes and chocolate were distributed to the children. They also received a goodie bag each containing a new school bag, two sets of dresses or shirt and pants, one pair of shoes, and a blanket. Each child also received one additional personal item such as a hat, bracelet, pen, etc.

A little one enjoying his first cupcake ever!

Children receiving gifts on Christmas

Children receiving gifts on Christmas2

Kids are very much interested in getting the latest news.

One of the Emcees – Ashok. He is looking so good!

Pastor Ajit Bagh leading Christmas prayers

Smrithi distributing cupcakes

Tribal Dancers


Our representative Sushrutha visited the school as he has done every December for the past ten years. He was accompanied by his 13 year old daughter, Smrithi, and 19 year old niece, Dhrithi. Smrithi, an avid baker, spent her allowance money and time to bake 80 cupcakes for the children; the girls filled up an entire suitcase with boxes containing the cupcakes. Needless to say, the children enjoyed the tasty treat. Both girls were duly impressed by how well the children interacted with the staff, each other, and visitors. One comment that stood out – they were amazed at the interest children showed in the world events – they looked forward to reading daily newspaper!

Raising funds for the solar panels is getting off to a good start. Each month, precious Rupee is spent on electricity supply for the generator that gets the water to the school (despite attempts to dig a well to get water on the premises was unsuccessful) – money that is needed to care for the children. For about $10,000, we can install enough panels that will meet the school’s need. We have raised about $2,500 right now. We want to meet our goal before the cost estimate goes up. A few fundraising ideas are being looked at. In the spring we will have a yard sale with the entire proceeding going to the school. We also have lots of wonderful Indian items; hoping to do an auction again later this year.

There are sixty-one children AGPV who are part of the sponsorship program. Shared Blessings supports forty of these children; we also take care of seven older children who are now attending junior college or technical training institute. Ten children are supported by an organization in Canada. That means, eleven children are currently without sponsors. Behera is managing to care for these by stretching the money, and looking for other sources in India. Sadly, the local child welfare department has decided that the school is where orphan children can just be dropped off – not considering whether there is room for them or not. They also do not provide a single rupee to support the children. This has created a dire situation for Behera. While turning away orphan children is not an option, caring for all these additional children has IDS incurring expenses they are prepared to bear. Sadly, saying no to the welfare department is not an option. So currently, the total number of children residing there is close to eighty!

Our seven older children missed being at the school to partake in the celebrations.. but they are all thriving and working hard in school. Each one of them wrote a heartwarming letter to their sponsors thanking them for the continued support, and providing them with an opportunity they never imagined they would have.
It has been ten years since Shared Blessings started the sponsorship program in Odisha. I still remember the first trip I took back in 2007 – it is amazing how much has been accomplished, and how much more needs to be done. Without you, the steadfast supporters of Shared Blessings, these children’s lives would not changed. They dream of going to college, getting trained in special areas, going back to their communities to be teachers, technicians, businessmen. That dream is what got us involved a decade ago. I know Behera, AGPV staff, the children and their families are all grateful for the kindness you have shown over the years, for getting them to dream, and helping to make that dream a possibility.

Have a wonderful new year.



Dear Friends,
Hope all of you had a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones.  As promised, here is the update from Odisha.

News from Odisha

After summer break, all of the children have returned to school, and are progressing nicely.  It was a truly wonderful moment to see our first girls move to Bhuvaneshwar to go to college.  According to Behera, Mamata, Uja and Sara have settled in nicely in their new environment.  They as well as Kumuti are doing well in their respective colleges and making sincere efforts to study well.  All of them have written to their sponsors expressing their appreciation for the opportunity they have been given.  Fakir, who initially struggled to adjust to being away from familiar confines and course expectations, has made remarkable progress and is now reported to be doing much better. Amanath, in his second year at college, continues to flourish.

          Inline image 1         Inline image 2 

It always feels good to get care packets from home!

 Behera reports that two more girls are preparing to take their high school board exams this year.  Sarita Sagar and Bhagyabati Jani took the pretest exams in September, and did very well.  It is hoped that they too will be successful next year and are able to join the tribal college in Bhuvaneshwar.  While it is wonderful to see our older children succeed and move on with their education, we are grappling with the reality of meeting their education expenses and the possibility of government adding to the school children who would not have sponsors.  The Education Fund that Shared Blessings has set up to meet the needs of children at school as well as those who are college bound has been instrumental in providing support for our children. 
Krupasindhu Muduli, studying in class 7th, is a very active, sincere boy who does very well at school. He is considered to be one of the best students in all of Dasmantpur area; he excels not only in academics, he is a talented artist and an skilled debater.  Over the years, Krupa has participated in many competitions representing the school.  Recently, Krupa participated in block level drawing competition which was held on date September 25, 2016 and organised by SAMAJ (local news paper ) and he captured third position among the students. Krupa received merit certificate and a small financial scholarship from Block Development Officer.


                          Inline image 3 Krupasindhu Muduli showing his certificate.  Congratulations, Krupa!
Other achievements during this period included our Seventh Standard student Sanyasi Jain who participated in Magic Mathematics project at the district level science exhibition.   
As it happens every year, with the climate change, as many as twenty-four children came down with viral fever; with prompt medical attention, all have recovered. 
Behera reports that the children enjoy playing various outdoor games. One enthusiastic boy, Ratana, kicked more than a soccer ball and ended up fracturing his leg.  While it limited his mobility, Ratana enjoyed all the attention his cast brought him!

           Inline image 5   Ratana Paraja being pampered by his friends!

We have finally been able to get our Chandra properly assessed by an audiologist in Koraput; Chandra has received hearing aids which surely will make an immense difference in the boy’s life.  Support for this project came through a government program assisting children.

Life at the school has been busy.  The children celebrated various events such as Teachers’ Day, Children’s Day and various holidays.  Behera reports that the members of the children’s committee participated in organizing and overseeing these events.

Children take pride in the garden project that they restarted when they returned to school.  They have already harvested vegetables such as pumpkins, radish, various greens, bitter gourds, green beans, egg plants and green papaya.  These have substantially augmented the vegetable supply for the kitchen.

Inline image 6 Inline image 7  Inline image 8  Inline image 9 

                                                                     Fruits of our children’s hard work

During the reporting period, the main entrance gate inside the school campus has been fixed with iron gate and this has been a great support for the safety and security of the children.

                            Inline image 10

Christmas is coming soon.  As always, Shared Blessings hosts a Christmas party for our children who eagerly await the day.  They receive new clothes, shoes, school supplies and sweets; they also enjoy a delicious meal, usually provided through contribution from a donor.  Sushrutha, our representative in India, will be traveling to Dasmanpur to partake in the celebration.  The children will likely put on a program celebrating Christmas and a skit addressing an identified social message; both boys and girls enjoy performing traditional tribal dances.  It is not too late to help Shared Blessings and AGPV in making sure our children have a great time!

Annual reports for the children are here.  Sponsors should receive them within the next couple of weeks.  It is heartwarming to see how well each child is doing.

Merry Christmas to you all.


A letter from Shaila:

It is very exhilarating and humbling at the same time to report that the results of high school board examination came out in June to show that the three girls who joined the program in 2006-2007 passed the exams.  Uja, Mamata and Sara are the first female children among their villages not only to matriculate from high school, but all three were accepted and admitted to college in Bhuvaneshwar.  This is the same tribal institution that our Amanath is attending his second year.  The girls had no hesitation about moving so far; the three expressed their commitment to further their education and come back to their own community to work.


In addition, Kumuti and Padaman also passed the board exam; they preferred to attend technical institution in Bhuvaneshwar to get training in a technical or electronic field.  This institute already has Fakir attending his second year.  Fakir, who initially had trouble adjusting to city living, being away from home and family, is now doing much better.  Behera reports that the few months of uncertainty actually taught him to realize the opportunity he was given.


We are very appreciative of the generosity of our sponsors who have contributed to the education fund we have set aside to meet the expenses of higher education.  It is hoped that these children will return to their communities to contribute to the welfare of all.  Already they are talking about becoming teachers, nurses and electricians, etc., and help their villages.


Ashok has completed one year of treatment for his Hodgkin’s lymphoma; results show that he is on his way to being cancer free.  Instead of having to travel each month for chemo treatment, he is now expected to go once a quarter for checkups.  His treatment would not have been possible without the generous support and prayers from many people.


Rest of the children enjoyed their summer break; they are now back at school.  Behera reports that all are doing well – except for a few minor illnesses which is to be expected, now that monsoon season is here.  They have started working in the vegetable garden again, and soon will be enjoying the fruits of their labor.


There are seventy children at AGPV now.  Both Behera and we are hopeful that the government does not force IDS to take on more children to take the place of those that have gone to college.  The school is not set to accommodate that many children but last year when Amanath left they brought in four additional children.  This puts so much pressure on Behera – as they do not all have sponsors.  Right now, there are forty four children under our sponsorship, ten more supported by an organization in Canada; that leaves sixteen children without sponsors. As always, Behera stretches the dollar as far as he can to provide care and sustenance to all of them.

Now that the kitchen is complete, children are enjoying eating in a clean separate place, not to mention it freed up two rooms in the main building.

Odisha 8-20-20166










We are planning to have another reception/auction event later this year.  Our first one last year was very successful with many people came forward to sponsor several children.  Details about the event will be coming shortly.



Shared Blessings Friend Raiser – Help Hand in India

Welcome to the Odisha News Page! Visit often to see how the ministry is progressing.

SHARED BLESSINGS’ ODISHA PROJECT – With food, wine and silent auction – Sept 20 flyer.pdf

October 2015:

Our fundraiser on September 20th was a huge success.  The evening brought together old and new friends of Shared Blessings to enjoy good food, company and silent auction. There were many wonderful items from India and local artists available in the auction. Lots of friendly bidding competition ensued, resulting in raising funds for Ashok’s treatment as well as some money left over for the education fund.  Anna Weihman, Cathy Ewing and Sharon Hanson were instrumental in organizing the event and bringing in lots of supporters.  In addition, we also have new sponsors for two children in Odisha.  The evening left all of us so energized that we are already talking about doing this again next year!

It is not too early or late to think about Christmas.  We would like to send money for new clothes, shoes and other things they might need.   They also usually have a nice meal on Christmas. This year the Christmas meal will be to honour the memory of Rob Bohning.  Rob was a founding member of Shared Blessings; while he did not travel to India like he did to Uganda, the Bohnings supported our work in Odisha including sponsoring a child.  If you wish to support our Christmas project, please send an amount of your choice and indicate that it is for Christmas in Odisha.

As you know, I will be traveling to India in December and visiting our children in January.  If you wish to send a letter, photo or a VERY small gift item to your child, please send it to our office in Modesto.

In addition to traveling to Dasmantpur, we will also go to Bhuvaneshwar where Amanath and Fakir are studying.  Behera writes that both boys are doing well in their respective colleges, and are happy to be there. 

Behera writes that the children are all doing well – other than some minor ailments.  During this reporting period, he says all of them were seen by the local doctor for a complete physical.

The children recently celebrated Indian Independence day,  Raksha Bandhan (a day celebrating siblings,) and Teachers’ Day.  Eminent leaders in the area attended these events and spoke to the children about the day’s significance.  As usual, monthly meeting with parents and guardians continue to be held.

Children's health check up

Children’s health check up

Rakhi 1

Exchanging sweets, celebrating sibling relationships

Visiting dignitaries

High Court Judge discussing safety and rights


Independence Day 2015

Independence Day 2015












September 2015:

A report on the work in Odisha by Shaila Rao


First on the news is our upcoming fundraiser on Sunday, September 20 in Sacramento.  The fun evening with food and silent auction is being held to raise funds for expenses for medical treatment, and for education funds to meet the growing need for higher education.  Lots of wonderful items will be available for the auction.  We are hoping to load the image of these on our website so people can bid on them – even if they can’t come to the event.  But if you are in Northern California, we would love to see you.  The event is from 4 pm to 6 pm at Kobasics Hall, 5324 Riverside Blvd. in Sacrament0.  Call Shaila at (916) 442-2112 or email at sohailarao@sharedblessingsicm.org for more information.

News from Odisha:

As usual, the children visited their families during the summer vacation. This was the great opportunity for the children to spend time with their families.  Now that school has reopened, the children have returned to their normal schedules.  All were excited to receive new books and other school supplies.

The news that Amanath and Fakir got admitted to higher education institutes has been excitedly welcomed by the children and staff at AGPV.  This is especially Inspirational to the eight students who are gearing up to taking their final exams next March.  This batch of students will have our first girls ready to go to college.  This is such a thrill for all of us!  Behera tells us that both Amanath and Fakir are settling in nicely in Bhuvaneshwar at their respective colleges. They are a little homesick, and are already talking about going home for vacation to visit family and friends at AGPV.  Amanath is especially interested in learning English – so books have been bought to help him.  He will be ready to have a conversation with me soon, I hope.

Ashok Bhatra continues to go through the chemo therapy twice a month.  He travels to Bhuvaneshwar by train and returns home after spending two to three days at the clinic.  He is such a trouper, Behera says; he goes through this in a very positive manner.

Now that they are back at school the children have returned to tending the kitchen garden.  They proudly collected various vegetables like bitter guard, greens, radish, pumpkin, eggplant, chillies, and beans.  Of course growing their own vegetables is a great incentive to eating healthy meals.

Behera reports that monthly meetings with parents and guardians are held during the last week of each month.  At these meetings educational status of the all children and issues related to school and children are discussed. Looking at Amanath and Fakir’s success, the families are more motivated to encourage their ward to study with more interest and seriousness as great future is waiting ahead for them. Ms Bimala, senior teacher,  shared  the progress of   children along with the lesson plan prepared   with the parents.

During this reporting period, Behera informs us that the District Child Protection Officer, Ms. Rajasri Das visited school.  The purpose of her visit was to audit the documentation and make sure that the school is run as mandated.  She was pleased with the accountability as well as how well the children are doing.

Fifteen students of AGPV participated in voluntary sanitation program and cleaned Dasamantpur medical premises.  The children take pride in participating in these voluntary activities as it provides them with an opportunity to give back to their community.

It is not too early to think of Christmas.  If you wish for your child to receive a Christmas gift let me know.  We usually arrange for them to get new clothes, shoes and some sweets.  This Christmas, we are arranging the children to have a special meal to honor the memory of Rob Bohning.  While Rob did not travel to India, his family has supported a child there for many years.

I am planning  to travel to Odisha in January of 2016.  In addition to spending time at the school, I am also looking forward to visiting Amanath and Fakir in Bhuvaneshwar.   Photos and reports will be sent upon my return.

Shaila Rao

IA Director

Family Connections Christian Adoptions

1120 Tully Road

Modesto, CA 95350

Email: shailarao@fcadoptions.org

Tel: (916) 442-2112 / (209) 524-8844


Odisha Update May 2015.pdf

— Our First High School Graduates at AGPV School in Odisha, India! —





May 15, 2015 – We are very proud to present our first high school graduates at our AGPV school in Odisha, India!  Amanath and Fakir come from small hamlets where education is inaccessible to children.  They had to walk a long ways to get to the local school – where the teacher was absent more often than not.  Back in 2007, the elders of the villages pleaded to build a residential school where the children could stay and learn.  Out of that visit a dream of building our school developed.  Now, the seventy + children residing at AGPV are making that dream a reality.

Amanath and Fakir are looking forward to furthering their education.  We wish them all the best.