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About Shared Love Uganda (SLU) – formerly Children Safe Uganda (CSU

Before Shared Blessings became involved with Children Safe Uganda, CSU had been in existence almost forty years as a safe haven for many a b a n d o n e d a n d a b u s e d children. When new director, Moses Ssebaggala, took over CSU, he had a vision of adding a program in an illiterate village where children were trapped by a hopeless system of grinding poverty. With the dual thrust of Christian evangelism and self-help principals, Moses enlisted the support of Shared Blessings and we began a sponsorship program at CSU.

Shared Blessings was able to help establish the first school in the Makukuba community where there was almost 90 per cent illiteracy. Parents and guardians were enlisted to build a rough structure from poles and leaves so the teaching could begin, but now there is a sturdy brick building that holds 200 children. A simple breakfast and lunch are provided so that hungry children can concentrate and learn. Parents attend classes at night and besides learning to read, they learn about basic hygiene (wash your hands), business skills (how to raise chickens for profit), staying healthy (boil your water), and much more.

A Trade School is being established to offer classes in several practical trades such as carpentry, tailoring and printing text books. Products from the classes will be used to supply the children and for sale, with profits going to sustain the school.

CSU has gained the respect and support of their local service organizations, such as Rotary. With continued support from Shared Blessings they are accomplishing amazing results for a large population of needy children.