About Emmanuel’s Children’s Home

Emmanuel Children’s Home

Located in the western part of Myanmar (formerly Burma) and close to the India border, Emmanuel Children’s Home is a refuge for orphans and abandoned children. A young pastor, Joel Kei Luai Thang and his wife started caring for 14 vulnerable children in May of 2010. They live as a family in a rental house where they provide loving care and teach the children Biblical life principles. Joel states,“Our greatest desire is to give our children a quality life and to provide them with a sense of destiny in God.”

Myanmar is one of the poorest countries in the world. With a military dictatorship in power for many years, the regime’s army continues to conduct large scale offensives against the people. They kill, burn, loot and pillage. They plant land mines, enforce labor, engage in human trafficking, and persecute religion. Many people are forced to flee their homes, resulting in over one million internally displaced refugees. Children suffer tremendously, especially those left without family.

Joel and his wife work very hard to protect the children in their care; they would like to provide even more children with food, shelter, clothing and education, but have lacked the funds. A partnership with Shared Blessings is an answer to their prayers to be able to nurture more little ones in desperate need. Our visit to them in August, 2014 confirmed our call from God to respond to their cry for help.

Joel tells us, “Your support will bridge the gap between a life of despair and the joy of a healthy, happy childhood.”