CSU Director Biography

CSU Director Biography – Ssebaggala M. Moses

Birth: 16th August 1968

I was raised up from Islamic background and I had never known anything related to Christianity. I used to think that any one who had no Islamic background was a pagan.  This caused me to despise any one with different opinion than mine.  I used to see my father having many wives claiming that it is allowed in Islamic faith.  My father used to exchange women like clothes and there was no care and concern for his family.  My mother abandoned me when I was one and half years old.  I remember being raised up by 11 different step mothers!!  No one had ownership in a home and each mother would treat his/her children according to her ability. Some of us who were left young by our mothers, we found it difficult since we had no one to take care of us even though we had abilities to perform better in schools than those that had their mothers.

Eventually, I had to drop out of school due to such circumstances and some people advised me to seek justice through the community and religious leaders.  However, the religious leaders also were corrupted by our father and they supported him in what he was doing, claiming that it is what their faith states!  In a midst of that total confusion, I met Christ in 1984 who caused a difference in my life and I started seeing things differently. After committing my life to Christ, my father was advised by Islamic leaders to kill me and he tried that for three times to kill me but I survived by God’s grace.

After 6 years in salvation, my father, and most of my brothers/sisters became Christians!!  God transformed our family and we are what we are because of Christ the son of God.  By God’s grace, I went back to school after 10 years and I studied when I was a big man and I completed secondary education when I was 30 years.

Currently, I have a diploma in child care management, diploma in human resource management and a degree in Community leadership and development.  All this is by God’s grace.  My passion is on programs that deal with community development, and specifically those that focus on people suffering from injustice and oppression, especially children, women and those that are forced to drop out of school.

When I became a Christian, God taught me Luke 2:52 concerning holistic development of a person.  I have tried it and it works.  No matter whether I have or not, but I try to share the little I have with those that don’t have.  I also encourage church leaders to do the same.  Currently, I go to St. Andrews Church in Gayaza (Anglican) in Namirembe Diocese.  This diocese is found in the central region of Uganda and it is about 10 miles from the capital city of Uganda which is Kampala.

I believe in God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I believe in the forgiveness of sins through repentance, reconciliation and restitution. I believe that Jesus was born in fresh, lived, died, rose from the dead and He will one day come back to take us home.
(Heaven) Since the church has saved and non-saved congregations, I am one of the leaders of the born again fellowship in my home church and a leader for home cell groups in my community which involves people of different denominations.

My wife and I do premarital counseling and Sunday school training.  I also work with Children Safe Uganda as the director. Our work is child and community development more especially we work with former street and unwanted children. We also work with poor communities to support education more especially the school drop outs.  I am married to Naomi for the last 14 years, I have four daughters: Esther 13 years, Ruth 10 years; Joy 8 years and Zion (our last born 4 years.)