Dear Mama Audrey,
Hope all is well with you. I am also happy to be connected to Mr. Scott Terry whom I remember very well his good acts when he picked me from the airport and his wife. May the Good Lord bless you all.

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Shared Blessing FBC Accounts April 2015.xls

Shared Blessing Accounts March 2015.xls

Shared Blessing Accounts FEBRUARY 2015.xls

Receipts for Feb and March 15.docx


Allow me to explain some few things here for understanding:

  1. The first two attached photos, are the water source we made for the community. It was a contribution between parents and some wellwishers
    and managed to make that for the community. On that you will see that we were handing it over to community members. Being that the receipt
    was over $300 the receipts for that is attached in the so called more receipts.
  2. Funds from FB Church did help us with taking back the children to school of Bweya Children’s Home. The balance helped to imrove where
    the children study from at the children’s home kindergarten. The receipt for that is also attached in the more receipts. Let me know if
    there is still more you will need from this.
  3. The accounts for April has two sections. One from shared blessing and one from FBC and they are both seperated but on one spreed sheet.
    The reason why it was done like that, so that you get the picture of the two. When you see it separate, please understand it.
  4. In the April and March finance report you will see some contributions from parents. As you are aware that we do empower groups
    of the sponsored parents with income generating activities, some parents harvested goods and decided to bring some to the school so
    that they are sold to support the school. We invited some people to come and buy them and We decided to enter that into accounts but
    incase you see that it confuses your accounts, please delete it but it was our joy to see that the empowerment we do has some yields.

For Scot to understand this, we feel that if parents are empowered, they are more able to be self supportive that being dependents all the
time. You can see details in reports that we send to you.

Let me know if you have some questions that needs to be worked on.

Blessings to you all.

Moses Ssebaggala
Director-Children Safe Uganda

P.O. Box 2506
Kampala, Uganda, East Africa Phone +256 772 437615

Water Source 2

Water Source 2

Water Source 1

Water Source 1