Emmanuel Children’s Home

The children at Emmanuel Children’s Home (ECH) in the country of Myanmar (formerly Burma) are being raised as a family by a young pastor and his wife. Joel Kei Luai Thang had been an academic dean in a Christian Seminary, but in 2010 he felt called by God to leave that steady employment to care for orphans and destitute children. The children at ECH are either abandoned orphans or at-risk refugees on the Myanmar/India border. Joel found ways to eke out a tight existence for the group, never losing hope that God would continue providing a way to feed and shelter the children.

After Shared Blessings established a sponsorship program for ECH, Joel was able to add more children to the original 14. Shared Blessings has also been able to provide money for a large house that is very adequate for the ECH group. Other boosts to Joel’s ministry have been the purchase of a truck which can transport all the children and a large piece of land that is producing rice for their consumption as well as for sale.

The children, who all came from very hard places, are now thriving. They are diligent about their school work and cheerfully complete their assigned household chores. They love to sing and laugh. Their empathy for other children who still live in dire circumstances helps them to welcome new additions to their family. Shared Blessings sponsorship program makes this growth a possibility.

ECH Family