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March 2016:

Easter Party

We used this money to purchase food and beverage, make a cake and decorate for the children’s Easter party.  The Easter party was on the 28 th day of March 2016; the children started arriving as early as 7:30am.  We had a total number of 178 children who attended the party most of whom were between the ages of 4-10 years.  The children had several activities going on such as; drama, singing, dancing, eating, cake cutting and preaching all in remembrance of the day our Lord and savior Jesus Christ died for us on the cross.  It was such a memorable day for the children; they can’t wait to have another party.  Please find in the attachments some pictures of the events that day.


The charpoys for the HIV children were finally all fabricated and handed to them.  Please find in the attachments pictures of them receiving charpoys and blankets.  They were so excited; thank you so much for the struggle to better lives of these children.


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February 2016:

The Christians of St Luke church were humbled receiving such a generous contribution during this festive season. It has been directed to the construction of

the church and we shall inform you with the progress.  They had the Christmas prayers in the church to thank God for the success so far achieved constructing it.

Please find some of the photos in the attachments.


Christmas party

The children’s Christmas party was held on 23rd Dec 2015. We had a total of about 140 children attending.  They sang Christmas songs of praise, acted a play about the birth of Jesus Christ, dined together and cut a cake.  This was a very exciting day for the children as you will see in the photos  attached.

Thank you very much for giving Dorcas children chance to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Christmas Clothes for Selected Children $165

We handed each child’s Parent or Guardian money to buy the children clothes for Christmas as you will see in the photos attached.


Sorry fabrication the charpoy has taken longer than excepted, the carpenter just got done with seasoning of the timber and he is now started assembling the parts

to create charpoys.  We should be able to have them ready before the end of January.


Children Dining

Children Singing Christmas Songs

Children Singing Christmas Songs

Nafuna Peace

Nafuna Peace


Xmas Cake

Xmas Cake





Party In memory of our dear friend Rob Bohning

Saturday 29th August 2015 is the day we set aside to have a party in memory of our dear Loving friend Rob Bohning. The children arrived by 9:00am, started with an opening prayer, songs of praise and interacted.

The children as usaul are so excited to have a party but upon reaching the venue where a picture of Rob and wording about him potreying his passing had been hanged, it made them so sad and some of those who had met him personally burst out into tears. They later were stronger after listening and taking in strengthening words of God from the preacher of the day saying ‘‘Rob was a man with great compasion and love for children. He is in right place.’’ They also had lunch together, soft drinks and cut a cake.

Rob loved Dorcas children and they loved him too, we shall always remember him and dedicate his family in prayer.

Rest In Peace Rob,

Dorcas Children

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2015 Dorcas Children’s Easter Party.pdf

2015 First Quarter Shared Blessings.pdf

2015 First Quater HIV Children’s Report.pdf

EasterAct Easteract1 Easteract2 EasterCake Eastercakecutting






Easter Pictures – click to Enlarge

Pictures from the Easter celebration at Dorcas

Pictures from the Easter celebration at Dorcas

Pictures from the Easter celebration at Dorcas

Pictures from the Easter celebration at Dorcas

Pictures from the Easter celebration at Dorcas

Pictures from the Easter celebration at Dorcas

Pictures from the Easter celebration at Dorcas

Pictures from the Easter celebration at Dorcas


W&E in Church - compressed

St. Luke’s congregation gathers in the foundation of their partially built church for the laying of the cornerstone. Their old building collapsed and cannot be used. Wilber and Elizabeth are pictured on the left.

























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