Here is the picture of the new latrine for the Shared Blessings Junior School at Keziya.  It is more than double in size and will improve the sanitary conditions A LOT!



Here is an email from Florence Amony, the director of Keziya Children’s Home in Uganda.   She has sent us pictures of their Trade School which started up again on Feb. 6, 2018.  (They write it as 6/02/18).  This is their third year in operation, having graduated 2 previous groups in tailoring and hair dressing.   Each year they have paid more of their expenses from the tuition fees they collect, so we are discussing adding another class.


In another email today, Florence included pictures of the new latrines they built for the Shared Blessings Junior School with the money sent for that purpose last month.  Susan had mentioned the terrible state of the latrines so we sent $900 and they wasted no time in getting the job done.  I will try to send you those pictures in a separate email.



Dear Audrey Foster,

Praise the Merciful Lord!

Here is the Photos from Trade School which was opened for First term on the 6/02/2018.

These photos show the students who in their respective departments doing practices.

May the Lord bless you more and more.

Florence Monica Amony




Hair Dressing


Keziya News:

                      Recent pictures sent to us by the Keziya Staff

    Merriam playing and dancing

    Simon Oyikura divides the jackfruit while the others wait patiently to enjoy it.  The large melon came from a tree planted in the compound by Rev. Otto.  It was watered from the borehole (the well) that Shared Blessings provided.

    This is the building on Kampala Road that Shared Blessings built for Keziya’s use.

    The Keziya “football” team.  Team captain, Jacob Ayella, is in front with the ball.  Notice that in this rough and tumble soccer game, no one wears shoes.

    Parents dance with joy at the graduation ceremony of their children.

    Rachael fetching water from the borehole in the compound.


    Middle picture shows children performing for the crowd, complete with a microphone.  In the bottom picture, they are eager to open presents.  Rev. Otto makes sure that there is a nicely wrapped gift for every child.

  • January 21, 2014 (by Audrey Foster) – Douglas Olum has dealt with many challenges in his life, having been abducted by the LRA when he was just nine years old and forced to be a child soldier for several years.  The horrors he witnessed and was forced to take part in took their toll.  With the help of the Rev. Otto Naptali, Director of Keziya Children’s Home, Douglas learned to count on God to free him from the past.  He has written a book about his abduction, Child Soldier, which we will alert you about when published.  Here is his account of achieving a dream.My graduation was like a dream