Sponsor a Child

For a tax-deductible gift of only $30 month, you can choose to sponsor a child in one of the three areas that SBICM provides relief. These areas are Uganda (Dorcas or Keziya Orphanages) and Orissa, India. EVERY PENNY IS SENT DIRECTLY to the location and is used to feed, clothe, and administer medical attention to these little ones. Many times your sponsorship helps to feed and minister to other children. You will receive a picture and a short bio of your sponsored child.

To sponsor a child in Uganda, Africa please click here – Keziya Brochure.pdf

Children Who Need Sponsors:


Laker Julian

Her father was a primary school teacher but ran mad and now walking naked in Gulu town.  Her mother ran away from them because the mad father was furious with the mother and wanted to kill her.   The 2 children are now living alone in the house.  Laker is in p.3 and she is now 8 years old.

Lamaro Prisca 

Her father was killed in an attack on the way home by unknown people.  Her mother has now run away from the dangerous area.  All these events were in 2016.  Lamaro is 6 years old and schooling in Shared Blessings nursery and primary school.  They are in a new place without proper feeding and almost everything for life.

Oyoo Kennedy

Kennedy was living with his mother and the mother has become mentally derailed.  Father died of natural death in 2013.  KCH took Kennedy in 2015 when the mother was moving here and there with him.  He is now 9 years old and in p4 at Opidi Lwala Primary School

Akello Mirriam

Akello Mirriam is living with her other who is very ill of high blood pressure.   Father died of cancer in 2013.  She is now 6 years old and in P2 at Mary Hilly Primary School.

Akera Semei

Akera Semei is staying with his biological parents, but both of them are mentally sick while Akera is not affected.  He is now 10 years old and in P4 class.

Aweko Lina

Aweko Lina is now living with her grandfather who is about 80 years old and living without a wife.  Her father was the son of this old man.  Both her parents died in 2014 and 2015 of HIV/AIDS infection.  She is now 6 years old and 1 Primary One at Shared Blessings Nursery and Primary School.

Omar Cessy Emanuel

Both parents died in abduction by LRA rebels and have not returned.  The boy was is now 9 years old and in p.4 at Shared Blessings Nursing and School.