Sponsor a Child

For a tax-deductible gift of only $30 month, you can choose to sponsor a child in one of the three areas that SBICM provides relief. These areas are Uganda (Dorcas or Keziya Orphanages) and Orissa, India. EVERY PENNY IS SENT DIRECTLY to the location and is used to feed, clothe, and administer medical attention to these little ones. Many times your sponsorship helps to feed and minister to other children. You will receive a picture and a short bio of your sponsored child.

To sponsor a child in Uganda, Africa please click here – CSU Brochure.pdf

 Children Who Need A Sponsor:

Richard Wasida

Richard was born on 20 June 2006 and is now 10 years old.  He has 3 brothers and 4 sisters.  At home he likes take care of goats.  He stays with both parents who are peasant farmers.  They do not have enough income to support the family.  Sometimes he misses school due to lack of school requirements and fees.  A sponsor will help him with his daily needs.

Robinah Kirabira

Robinah is an 11 year old girl who lives with her parents who are peasant farmers.  She has 2 sisters and the family is Protestant.  Robinah does chores at home, including washing dishes.  Robinah interacts well with other children and really enjoys school.  She really enjoys skipping rope.

Joeria Nankya

Joeria is an 8 year old girl who lives with her parents who never went to school and they are both peasant farmers.  She has 2 brothers and 2 sisters who sometimes don’t go to school due to lack of scholastic materials.  The family is Muslim.  Joeria does chores at home and loves to carry babies.  She enjoys ball games and is very friendly.

Florence Nakato

Florence is now a 10 year old girl who lives with her parents, who are peasant farmers.  She has been waiting for a sponsor since she was 3 years old.  Florence has 4 brothers and 3 sisters.  She misses school classes due to school fee challenges by her parents.  The family is Roman Catholic Christian.  Forence’s health is fair.  She likes to play net ball and interacts with others well.